Your QM certification in three steps

With the information on this web page, you will manage the ISO 9001 certification.

Preparation: Procure all necessary information about the ISO 9001 by specialist literature, exchange of experience with other companies, seminars…
Decision: internal or external QM consultant? When you know enough about the procedure of the QM implementation, you make this decision.

First step: the QM documentation

All necessary processes are collected and put into a slim form of documentation. It reflects your company briefly and precisely and fully complies with the ISO 9001.

Second step: internal audits

The internal audits are a control whether the processes are consistent as well with the ISO 9001 as with the QM documentation, and where improvements are possible. In the postprocessing, we develop all necessary measures together with you which prepare your company for the certification

Third step: the certification

Now you begin with the preparation for the certification audit. Ensure that the essential evidence documents are available.

  • Management assessment
  • Internal audit report
  • Objectives and process performance indicators
  • Supplier assessment
  • Customer survey

Establish a personal contact with the auditor – not only with the certification institution. Now you have reached your objective: you are certificated according to the ISO 9001.